My Projects


CryptoStride is web application that incentivizes exercise by paying out our very own StrideCoins to clients. The full MERN stack was used to complete the front and back end of this website while Solidity was used to generate the cryptocurrency which was encrypted using blockchain technology.

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Reader’s Realm

This application is a full-stack web solution for managing a bookstore online. Built with MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js (MERN), it provides a seamless and interactive experience for users looking to browse, review, and purchase books.

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Pixel Intellect

This application uses TensorFlow to train a neural network with provided images and is able to identify and categorise an image with an 85% accuracy. Torch is used to flatten pixel arrays in order to be processed by the neural network.

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Horology is the art of watch-making and is an instant indicator of class and taste in men. Want to know how? Read my very biased and unrealistic views below.